10 Clever Ways To Wow Your Clients

impressed business womanA happy client is a pleasure to have, but an ecstatic one is even better.  When you go above-and-beyond to wow your clients, they can become a wellspring of repeat business. They’ll refer new customers to you, and publicly reinforce your reputation to others over and over again.

But how do you turn an ordinary client into a raving fan?  All it takes is a little understanding of their wants and needs – and some creative strategies for exceeding their expectations.  Here are 10 ways to create raving fan customers who give the word-of-mouth marketing that your business needs to succeed.

#1 – Customize Your Approach To Their Problems

customize lego blocksLearn as much as you can about what has been preventing your clients from getting the results they want in the past, and customize your marketing approach to highlight how you are the perfect solution.  Instead of a typical “here are our services” pitch, present yourself in a way that will make them take notice and say “This is exactly what we’ve been looking for!” 

#2 - Create A Guide That Positions You As An Authority

definitive authority guide bookBeing seen as an authority is a powerful way to deliver the “wow-factor” to your clients that increases their desire to stay loyal to you (as well as the amount of business they bring your way).  Creating a companion guide to your products or services is an excellent way to showcase your experience and to establish your position as a company who is on the leading edge.  Add an extra layer of exclusivity by offering it only to current clients – just one more perk of doing business with you.

#3 - Master The Art Of Accessibility

be accessible phoneOne of the easiest ways to consistently impress your clients is to keep turnaround time on emails an phone calls to a minimum.  In today’s world of poor customer service, having a swift response rate to client inquiries is a powerful way to keep them impressed and away from the competition.  A quick tip on email – even if you can’t address a client’s needs immediately, reply to them and let them know you’ll get back to them soon.  Reinforcing their feeling of being valued gives them another reason to be a customer for life.

#4 - Anticipate Their Future Needs

Your clients have a specific idea of where they want their business to go, but they may not be seeing all the options they have available to them.  Talk with them and get a feel for how they plan to grow their business, and offer them advice or services that will make it easier for them to grow.  Then connect them with the people who can help make those things happen.  Open their eyes to ways they can make their business or their offerings stronger down the road, and they won’t forget how valuable it is to keep doing business with you.

#5 - Offer A Workshop That Gives Your Clients An Edge

A workshop to give clients the edgeHome improvement stores offer free do-it-yourself workshops to give customers a reason to shop at their store.  Financial planners offer free investment seminars to educate clients on additional service options.  Your business could do the same.  Look at what it is that you sell, and consider the knowledge gaps your clients might have when it comes to choosing options or getting the most out of what they buy.  Then offer a free workshop that closes the knowledge gap, and see just how much more your clients appreciate you.

#6 - Ask For Feedback After The Sale

chat bubbles of feedbackThey typical business follows up only when they have something to sell, but you can wow your clients by following up with a request to make their last transaction more satisfying.  A simple phone call or email that follows up with the question “Is there anything we missed, or anything more we could do to make your experience better?” tells your clients that you are 110% committed to making sure they are treated fairly and respectfully – and that you’re not going to settle for letting them get anything less than the best from you. 

#7 - Present Everything In Terms Of Value, Not Cost

chart to present in terms of valueIf pre-sales marketing is all about presenting benefits, current-client marketing is all about presenting value.  Each time you communicate with your clients, let them know what they are getting and how it benefits them.  A client who receives “new logo samples,” for instance, is not going to be as impressed as a client who receives a package of “3 logo concepts shown in multiple layouts with original source files for editing.”  Make sure your client understands just how much they are getting with each deliverable, and they will feel their money is well spent.

#8 - Reward Client Loyalty With Increasing Bonuses

reward client loyalty with presentsKeeping clients long-term saves you the time and money of hunting down new ones, so why not pass some of that savings on to them?  Offering clients some sort of bonus or discount periodically, just for sticking with you, is a sure way to impress – especially if the value of that reward keeps increasing.  Whether you choose to give a discount that grows each year, or you throw in a free product or service here and there, these unsolicited gifts will make your clients hard-pressed to go elsewhere.

#9 - Give Your Clients Free Publicity

give your clients some free publicityIt’s not uncommon to feature your clients’ success on your own website to enhance your reputation, but have you considered boosting their reputation elsewhere?  Consider working them to issue an online press release that showcases their company or have an article written up and submitted to a relevant publication or website.  This “out of the blue” shot of publicity won’t cost you much, but will make the client remember you for life – and in many of their referral-generating conversations as well.

#10 – Under-Promise and Over-Deliver – Every Time

exceed client expectations and deliver moreThe surest way to lock a permanent “wow” into your customer’s mind is simply to exceed their expectations, every time.  Don’t over-promise – be realistic and focused when telling them what you’ll deliver and when they should expect it.  Then go the extra mile to make your deliverable impressive and on time (or better yet, early).  This is simply the easiest way to secure your reputation – the very currency of marketing itself – and virtually guarantee a stream of revenue from your current clients, and the clients they refer to you in the future.

Every great brand carries with it a number of features that give it a marketable “wow factor” – that impression of excellence, commitment and quality that invites clients to pull up a chair and stay forever.  To make your brand great, incorporate these strategies into your everyday marketing plans and share your additional tips in the comments below.  You’ve got what it takes to “wow” your clients every day – it’s time to get to it!

Reader Comments

Apr. 25. 2008 4:25 PM

This is a great post. I think it is especially beneficial for those who are dealing with big corporate clients who not only need a lot of hand holding, but that you need to keep wowing in order to keep their account.


Apr. 25. 2008 10:14 PM

What a great post! Another thing I might add is the importance of keeping clients in the loop. Even if a project is taking longer than expected, clients appreciate receiving an email with an update and a new ETA. Nobody likes to be left in the dark.

Apr. 26. 2008 2:01 AM

I am impressed.  This article talks practically about an important principle that lies behind it…giving before expecting to receive.  I hear a lot of folks talk about the lack luster they feel in their jobs or business.  Oftentimes it’s because we have sunk into the “what’s in it for me,” and lost the vitality of respecting the other person/business and looking for ways to benefit them.
Thanks!  This is a great post.

Apr. 26. 2008 10:08 PM

Very nice. I do my best to do as much of these as possible for our clients, but really appreciate those who really go the extra mile to put clients first. Strong client relations are the best asset any company can have. Problems or obstacles always arise - it’s the client relationships that help you overcome those and see campaigns through to success. Solid post.

Apr. 27. 2008 3:05 AM

Wow - loved the list.  Especially the things we are doing right.  Hope our competitors keep doing it the old school way so we grab more of their customers.  :)

Apr. 27. 2008 10:24 PM

Very nice article…

Apr. 28. 2008 12:33 AM

@Pratt — yes this is great for corporate clients, but you can also ask yourself: how could you use the same ideas to keep smaller customers coming back time and time again?

@Kyle — I agree completely. Better informed clients are happier clients.

@Harmony — What goes around, comes around.

@Abhilash — It’s truly amazing how many obstacles a good client relationship can get you through. I’ve seen companies with a mediocre product thrive brilliantly all because of great customer relationships.

@Jack — I’m glad you enjoyed the list, and for your sake, I hope your competitors don’t : - )

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Apr. 28. 2008 3:08 PM

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it to spend time trying to make clients like you. It seems that every time I think I have a great relationship going the client turns around and stabs me in the back.

I know there’s this whole ‘get your customers to love you’ movement, but what ever happened to just making a profit?

Apr. 28. 2008 5:09 PM

Anthony, I do hear you.  I teach business development and one of the things I always stress to my adult classes is if they are not in business to make a profit, they are not in business.  I think the idea is that we are looking for a way for our lives to become a bit more holistic and redeem our hours spent in business for more than only a profit, but also a way to increase personal fulfillment by creating those win- win ideas and circumstances.  Why can’t everyone profit - customers and business owners alike?

Apr. 28. 2008 10:51 PM

Impressing your clients is very important…^^..it can help you make or break your business’ success..^^ anyways thanks for the great tips!

Apr. 29. 2008 9:57 PM

This list is amazing! Thank you reminders are great for anybody. You defenitly need to make sure your clients know that you appriciate them.
Ashley Heard

May. 2. 2008 2:48 PM

Dave, thanks for the valuable tips! Perfect for building the quality client relationships that are the foundation for our (and all) great businesses. The customized approach is always the way to go!
community manager
CorePage | Know more. Sell faster.

May. 3. 2008 11:09 PM

Great tips indeed - thanks for sharing!

Jan. 31. 2011 9:24 PM

I am in the salon industry and after reading all 10 tips I have found that each and every one can apply to all aspects of the business world. It is all about building relationships that last because those relationships will bring new ones that last just as long. It’s great!

Now I need to work on implementing the tips that I haven’t used yet and we’ll see where that brings me and how it affects my relationships with my clients.

Thank you for the post!

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Mar. 12. 2014 11:05 AM

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