About SmallFuel

Our Purpose in Life

Our mission, in no uncertain terms, is to help small businesses everywhere get bigger.

We want to provide you with the best possible marketing for your small business. We don't want to give you the cheapest design and websites. We don't want to give you the ridiculously priced cream-of-the-crop deluxe model everything.

We want to give you the absolute best way to grow a small business. We want to create a reliable, affordable, easy to understand, and effective way to grow for all of the people who have great ideas or just want to start a business. Take a look at our services and our portfolio and you'll see how much work we've put in to this dream of ours.

SmallFuel isn't about taking the big multi-million dollar corporations and helping them find some new way to sell their products. We help the little guys because it's the the little guys who are doing the really great things. The internet and technology are helping small businesses change the world - and we're here to help them. We're here to help the guy who has a radical new idea about how to make your lawn mow itself. We're here to help the woman who simply wants to give people better bookkeeping services.

SmallFuel Marketing was started as and still is a small business - we understand where you're coming from. Our passion, above all else, is helping small businesses grow into successful ventures; and we're very confident that you'll see this if you meet us. With that in mind, why don't you shoot us a message and we can get to know you a little better. We love hearing about success stories, how you've beaten hard times, or clever marketing ideas you've used. We're also always happy to give you a hand if you have a challenge.

Everything to Know About Mason Hipp

Small business creation has been a hobby of Mason's since he was in elementary school. He began early by selling maze workbooks to his family, friends and neighbors (they were hand drawn, and copied at the local office store). Later he moved on to more sophisticated endeavors such as building custom computers, and reselling technology products on eBay. After creating several corporate identities for his business projects, Mason realized he deeply enjoyed branding and growing small businesses.

After several years of attending Drexel University (for engineering), he was quickly taken away with the spirit of small business and the many opportunities associated with it. IdentityFuel (SmallFuel's father) focused on corporate identity, but Mason soon realized that small businesses didn't just want branding—they wanted a complete marketing system that would help them grow.

Here at SmallFuel, Mason is the President of our business. He writes most of the articles on our blog and handles many of our clients. Because Mason is one of those few people with an equal left-brain/right-brain split, he is very well suited to walking the line of logic and creativity that is needed for marketing. Mason is quite good at directing clients on what aspects of marketing they need the most, and how they should go about it.

If you're interested in knowing more, please feel free to contact us and ask.

Everything to Know About Natalie Hipp

Natalie dipped her feet into small business at an early age, where she ran her own personal bank during lunch at her middle school and awarded snack money loans to fellow classmates. As an adult, Natalie received a Bachelor of Arts at Villanova University, graduating summa cum laude (8th in her class!).

Small business marketing again became an interest to Natalie soon after she met Mason and helped him market both his own business as well as their joint works of IdentityFuel, which is now SmallFuel Marketing. Now years later, Natalie and Mason are recently married.

Natalie is the secretary and treasurer of our business, as well as the one who keeps things running on time and properly. She is extremely organized, and a wonderful motivator. Natalie also enjoys web and graphic design.