4 Ways To Make Yourself Safe to Buy From

With this post I’m going to get into some details about why people buy our products. Specifically, how we can make them feel safe buying from us.

Safety is a big reason why customers will or won’t buy your products. Think about the newest buying market – the internet. Over half of the country is afraid to buy online. And of the half that will buy online, only about 20% of them will ever stray from big names like Amazon and BestBuy.

So, why don’t they buy from us small business owners? They don’t feel safe enough. Read on for 4 ways to change that.

People are inherently nervous about making a purchase from somebody new, and that’s a good thing. There are a lot of reasons not to buy. What if I get ripped off, what if it’s a fly-by-night company, what if they don’t know even know what they’re doing? What about support?

So what can we do to offset this feeling of insecurity?

You have to look and feel like a well established business.

People like buying from a business that has been around. It makes them feel safer to buy from someone who looks professional, and looks like those big retailers their used to buying from. You want to put your business as close to their comfort zone as possible. Here are some ways to do that.

1. Use a consistent name and logo

Having a name to use consistently is key – if the customer doesn’t know what to call you, then you are in trouble. Having a logo to represent this name is also critical. Even if you can’t afford a professional designer, you need a consistent logo. Just type up your name in word and change the font a bit. Make sure you use it consistently.

2. Carry a business card, always

The very first thing anyone will ask for is your business card. It is the mark of a business, and needs to be there to represent you at all times. I’d recommend having the cards designed and printed for you, but if you can’t afford to do that, the Avery snap out cards are great.

3. You need a website

Yes, I know a lot of you are afraid of setting up a website, or you don’t know where to start.

Let me tell you though, it isn’t very difficult. And it’s not very expensive either. Trust me; your customers will thank you for it. It will make them feel safer, and make you look bigger and more established.

4. Have an easy and professional way to contact you

The easiest is to set up an email address at your website, something like [email protected] NOT @aol.com or @gmail.com. Free email addresses are a big sign of a small or new company, and customers steer clear of them.

Another form of contact would be an 800 number for them to call you at. You can set the 800-number service to forward calls to a cellphone and have the it alert you that it’s a business call. Alternatively, you could use a cell phone or home phone if necessary – but answer it as professionally as you can muster.

If you set up each of the above you will be well on your way to looking (and being) a professional and well established business. You will see immediately that people will start taking you more seriously, and your customers will be more interested in buying from you.

Reader Comments

Steven Snell
Sep. 3. 2007 4:26 PM

Good points. I’m always amazed at how many people I see using free email accounts when they post their email on their website.

Dec. 4. 2007 1:46 AM

Some of your points are so obvious to me; however I know they are not to others.  There have been numerous times I am hunting for more information on a company and yet they do not offer a website.  There are plenty of free or inexpensive website hosts available, so there is no excuse.  When it comes to email address, the name of the company following the sales associates name would give me a calm feeling over some bizarre name followed by a well known free webmail address.  Wonderful Points!

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